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Open the Light Within

We cannot change the world, but we can begin by changing ourselves. By participating in this movement and opening the light within our hearts, we will become the everlasting candles of positivity, compassion and selfless giving in this world. Guruji teaches us that selflessness is the only way to maintain the Light within our hearts, to keep it lit, to keep it glowing.

Monthly Membership

When you join this monthly honoring system, you are connecting to a force of light that is working tirelessly to dispel the darkness and open the light for a brighter future! Our Universal Mother -Sarva Loka Maa Her Holiness Sri Sri Sri 1008 Guruji Poonamji has created a pathway to assist you to have a stronger connection to the force of light that resides within you. Your monthly contribution will ensure your candle is shining every month.

This monthly offering assists in growing the Open the Light Movement and assist to build and maintain more Divine Bliss Light Centers worldwide where people can go to learn how to live healthier, blissful lives. Those are blessed that get the extraordinary opportunity to be part of this uniquely powerful membership.


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Open the Light

Our Happy Givers!

"I feel much calmer and at ease with my own self, with everything around me, and this is all through Guruji’s divine grace. Om."
Durgauti Pandey
"Guruji's dedication and commitment in assisting people through unconditional compassion and love is astounding. She is a truly a gifted Master."
Rajeswari Kul

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Coming Events 2024

  • February 24 Full Snow Moon
  • March 25 Full Worm Moon
  • April 23 Full Pink Moon
  • May 23 Full Flower Moon
  • June 21 Full Strawberry Moon
  • July 21 Full Buck Moon
  • August 19 Full Sturgeon Moon
  • September 17 Full Harvest Moon
  • October 17 Full Hunter’s Moon
  • November 15 Full Beaver Moon
  • December 15 Full Cold Moon

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The Divine Bliss Team is always happy to receive your assistance either in person or remotely. If you feel you would like to assist in any way we would love to hear from you.